Record-Keeping: Why, What and How?

One of the daily activities that must be done when providing services to others is record-keeping.

How does that make you feel?

No...Really...How does the idea of writing down information about what happened in your day make you feel?

If you're like most people -- it might make you cringe (what would I write? how much?).

Or it might make you irritated (Service should be about people to people, not writing everything down!)

Or perhaps it doesn't really matter to you - it's just something you know needs to be done (Whatever...)

Well, we're going to ask you to put any of these or other preconceptions aside for a bit. (And we hope to change them if they weren't already positive! ;-)

So let's start with the first major point:

Record-keeping at Possibilities is part of our services!

That's right. What you record is just as important a use of your time as direct interactions with Members who live there.

AND that time should be just as thoughtfully and usefully spent.

To teach you more about what it means to "thoughtfully and usefully" spending your time during recording of critical information, we are developing a course about just this.

To get you started even before the course is fully finished, you can get to Chapter 1 right here.

Just so you know....This is a required part of your training.

Is there a test?

Sort of ;-)

There is no quiz specifically on this material, but you will need to submit examples of your record-keeping (aka "documentation") for evaluation and feedback. (And since you'll need to keep submitting until you show you've Got It(!), you might as well start off learning to do it effectively, efficiently, and usefully.)

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