The primary purpose of The Learning Network is to provide an opportunity to learn and to connect with other learners.

Some of our recent and popular workshop offerings are:

  • Computer Connect
  • Brain Power
  • Peer Connections
  • Ready, Set, Go -- to the Gym!

to name but a few, and our offerings keep growing!

Learning Through the Network's Offerings

Our workshops provide our Learning Network Members with opportunities to practice new skills and learn new information or to "re-learn" and practice old skills and information impacted by the brain injury. They are partnered with Learning Network Coaches, who help define clear goals, keep the Member on track, and provide extra support if needed.

Once a Learning Network Member has successfully completed a workshop, they work with a Network Coach to directly transfer their skills or knowledge to their home or community.

Let's look at how this works...

A Learning Network Member contacted us to express interest in learning how to set up an email address and browse the internet. We had the perfect match for these goals in our Computer Connect Workshop.

After initial instruction and practice using the internet during the workshop, the Member worked with Learning Network Coaches to transfer his new skills from our computers at the Learning Network to the library's computers near to his home since email and internet access are available through the library system.

The Member has shared with us that his delight at being able to connect with family and friends in this popular and convenient way!

Our goal is to facilitate and celebrate when the learning has left the building.

Learning Through the Network's Members

We not only value providing workshops for learning, we also value the learning our Members can provide to each other.

After all, we aren't the only ones with something useful to share!

We encourage our Members to connect, to share, and to create projects of interest or use to them. We make time available between workshops to encourage this connecting and support the ideas and plans our Members come up with.

And not only do the Network Members learn from each other -- we learn from our Members as well.

It's our Members who let us know what they need and want, what's useful and what's not, how we did in our Workshops and what needs some "fine-tuning" (or big honking changes!). We need our Members to "get it right" as much as they need us.

Many of our Members stay connected even outside the formal Network activities, creating a Network of their own -- how cool is that?

Our goal is to facilitate and celebrate when the learning has left the building.

Expanding Networks

And speaking of buildings, we want to thank our partners at ESS Support Services.

In addition to providing access to their physical space, they are working with us to expand the workshops we have developed. With them, we are applying the same brain-based learning with seniors who are living with the effects of a brain injury.

This partnership is an example of creating yet another Network of community-based services coming together to enhance our expertise to offer meaningful learning services to people connected with both organizations.

Interested in exploring Membership? Click on the link to send us an email at The Learning Network