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Recovery Can Hurt

I watched the movie Recovery on the weekend on TVO and had to share it. It's an amazingly realistic story about a man and his family recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

I'll share that, after 20-something years working in brain injury, this was an intensely painful film for me to watch.

If you aren't personally familiar with brain injury, it's worth every minute - you will learn more than any book can teach you. If you are, it will hurt, but will validate the pain and frustration you may have experienced for yourself.

I happened to find YouTube episodes that let you watch the movie 10 min at a time. This is the first of 10 or so parts. You need to watch them all -- or find a dvd of the movie.

Worried about Brain Injury? - Reflections on Dr. Gorgens' TED talk

A reflection from our Continuous Learning Coach, Jesse -- how about you, ever experienced the anxiety he mentions?:


So I was doing this exercise in my theatre class where they wanted us to run into each other with our eyes closed, sounds easy enough, a "trust exercise"...but quickly I was freaking out.

I couldn't stand it, and thought I couldn't do it (even though I did eventually) but it wasn't because I am scared of the dark, it was because i just kept thinking Brain Injury Brain Injury Brain Injury!

I was wondering if anyone else has this happen to them? Like they are thinking about getting a brain injury (or thier kids getting one) more than ever because of the work we do. I found this TED TALK where the woman delivering the speech, Dr. Kim Gorgens talks about protecting kids against brain injury, and gives some great links for people interested in that area of study, but also talks about her own fears for her a kind of funny kind of serious way that reminded me of my own anxiety around it.

Do you think a lot about getting brain injuries or no more than you did before living or working in this area? What do you do to stop being anxious or protect yourself? Check out the link and tell me what you think, its a good one!

Protecting the Brain Against Concussion


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What Possibilities is all about

Or maybe I should say Poss-abilities... (that will make sense after you watch this video)

This is a little longer video from the TED group, so just over 20 minutes, but worth every minute. And don't you dare multi-task! Listen to this woman, Aimee Mullins, talk about what "disability" means -- and what it could mean...


What did you think?

I can't emphasize enough how her message resonates with why I created Possibilities and how much I believe we need to Listen to her call for accepting adversity, adapting to it, and acknowledging ourselves as having become more "us" for having met it with power and grace.

Please share how you have met adversity - what expectations did you carry into it, what were the expectations of people around you, and who did you become because of it?

Or, if you know someone with a "disability", what expectations do you bring with you? Which thesaurus have you been reading? (Don't get that one? Go back to the video, you skipped it! ;-) What have you done to help them discover how to adapt to the challenge in front of them? What have they taught you about how to move through life's adversities and benefit from them?

Looking forward to your Stories...

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What Speed does to Golf Balls (and Brains)

I saw this video and thought immediately of what happens to people (and their brains) involved in a car crash.

It's not a video of a brain -- that would be gruesome! -- but it's definitely food for thought.

This golf ball was traveling at 150 miles per hour when it hit a steel plate.

Notice both stages -- (1) the impact and (2) the bounce-back.

So, what's this got to do with brains?

Imagine someone driving at highway speeds (60-70 miles per hour? 100-120 km per hour?)

Then imagine what happens if their head hits the steel of the car in any way. (That's what seatbelts are made to prevent! Now you know why!!)

Then imagine what happens if the head hits something else hard -- like the steering wheel or the seat in front of them.

Still not so good even though the brain has the skull and cerebro-spinal fluid around it for protection.

Now imagine what happens if the brain inside the head doesn't hit the car or something in the car, but just moves forward that fast, hits the inside of the bony skull, then bounces back like that image in the video.

Don't think so? Remember that the brain is not solid -- it's soft, something like the consistency of soft tofu.

Now imagine that last one again --

And wear your seatbelt and drive gently.

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What's a Real Question?

Our guest blogger, Carole, responded to this question when it was posed in the Gaia community where we met. Here's her answer....

Real Question?

Is there such a thing?

A question is only an inquiry based on observation or belief.

That means we want to get behind the question itself to find out...

Click to read more ...

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