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The Write Hemisphere

This sounds like it's going to be a tremendous learning and sharing opportunity. I'm just going to give the introductory information from  Brainstreams.ca, a British Columbia brain injury support website:

The following is a series of podcasts titled, The Write Hemisphere, by Greg Goldberg. The series will feature a new episode each week based on the diary that Greg kept after he suffered a traumatic brain injury, and throughout his path to recovery.

Greg GolbergGreg Goldberg is a Brain Injury Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and author. After suffering a car crash in 1998, Greg spent nearly a month in a coma, followed by a long journey of recovery. Life became fraught with challenges; initially struggling with impulsiveness, bouts of anger and fatigue. However, as the year’s progressed, Greg learned to adapt to his limitations and become proactive in managing and structuring his life so he can enjoy it to the fullest. Today, Greg is upbeat, cheerful and full of zest for life. He uses is experience of living with a brain injury to fuel his compassion and passion to help others with similar experiences. Greg currently volunteers with the Victoria Literacy Program teaching adults how to read. In addition, a portion of proceeds from the sales of his book “The Organ of Intelligence” go to Brain Injury associations and support group across Canada.


To watch his first entry of this video story, go to The Write Hemiphere

This entry is by his wife, talking about her experience of the day Greg was injured.

But don't stop there -- there are 7 entries so far --

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