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Learning About the Brain: Changing Brains

I've come across an approachable video introduction to the brain. It's a useful series created by the University of Oregon Brain Development Lab and its called Changing Brains.

It focuses mostly on the developing brains of children, but since our brains are all based on the same principles, you can watch these and still think about (or comment or ask!!) about how it applies to adults -- with or without identified brain injuries.

I'll post links to the videos to help create a little "self-study" about the brain. Do they tell you all you need to know? Not by a long shot -- but they are very well-done introductions to important things about brains and they only last a few minutes per video -- they fit in everyone's schedule! ;-)

Here's the introduction to the series -- an overview of what's coming up (<2.5 minutes):


And, since I'm sure you'll want another taste right away, ;-) part 2 is about Plasticity of the brain and how a brain's "architecture" is put together (about 4 minutes). 

For more about plasticity -- the ability of the brain to change itself-- you might enjoy:

The Brain that Changes Itself (the link is an excerpt from a book by Norman Doidge)

Watch a CBC documentary about the brain's plasticity (45 minutes) or listen to a CBC Radio program about brain plasticity (25 minutes)

Brain Plasticity Overview: Posit Science

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