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What Possibilities is all about

Or maybe I should say Poss-abilities... (that will make sense after you watch this video)

This is a little longer video from the TED group, so just over 20 minutes, but worth every minute. And don't you dare multi-task! Listen to this woman, Aimee Mullins, talk about what "disability" means -- and what it could mean...


What did you think?

I can't emphasize enough how her message resonates with why I created Possibilities and how much I believe we need to Listen to her call for accepting adversity, adapting to it, and acknowledging ourselves as having become more "us" for having met it with power and grace.

Please share how you have met adversity - what expectations did you carry into it, what were the expectations of people around you, and who did you become because of it?

Or, if you know someone with a "disability", what expectations do you bring with you? Which thesaurus have you been reading? (Don't get that one? Go back to the video, you skipped it! ;-) What have you done to help them discover how to adapt to the challenge in front of them? What have they taught you about how to move through life's adversities and benefit from them?

Looking forward to your Stories...

Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 11:42 by Registered CommenterDr Karen in , , | Comments1 Comment

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Reader Comments (1)

Aimee is quite the dynamic speaker and I'm glad that she didn't have a self-concept related to what the dictionary defined as "disability". It's sad based upon a recent definition of the word that we haven't moved forward in how we define the word.

In regards to her comments on adversity, I find more often than not challenges have built different aspect of my character and taught me a lot about myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are in different areas.

June 21, 2010 | Registered CommenterGina Davis

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