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What's a Real Question?

Our guest blogger, Carole, responded to this question when it was posed in the Gaia community where we met. Here's her answer....

Real Question?

Is there such a thing?

A question is only an inquiry based on observation or belief.

That means we want to get behind the question itself to find out...


Do you really want to know?

Or are you trying to bring up a subject to discuss,

or just making conversation, or......

Whether you are the asker or askee, there will be a motive of some sort:
--what's the weather forecast for tomorrow?
- do you believe in God?
- when are you going to grow up and take responsibility...?
- are you going to do the dishes?


After my brain injury, I took every question at face value.  I could not read tone of voice and facial expression.  So the question, "Mom, are you going to do the dishes?" became a puzzle when my son asked me. We were sitting in my living room having coffee, and he asked me that.  

I was confused.

Why was he mentioning dishes now?

Dishes were in the kitchen. Did he mean am I going to do them NOW? I wasn't going to because we were here talking.

I was wracking my brain trying to figure out an appropriate answer. Time was passing and I wasn't coming up with anything.  I became stressed and confused and started stuttering.  

So it turns out, that my son really wanted to know if I wanted him to either help me do the dishes, or else he would do them if I wasn't going to in a reasonable (?) time period that existed in his mind.

But I know that only in retrospect-- after he explained it all to me. Which took a lot of time listening and figuring out again.

Why not ask me directly? - Do you want me to wash the dishes now/help you wash the dishes now? Then I could have answered yes or no and it would have been very simple.

Maybe real questions are the ones that can be answered with words like:

  • Yes,
  • No,
  •  Maybe,
  • I Don't Know.....(hahaha like how often is THAT going to happen!)

Maybe a Real Answer is more crucial than a real question.... but who can judge?

I don't know ;>)


So, what's your answer to the question: What's a real Question? Or what do you think of Carole's real Answer?


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