What's going on at Possibilities?

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December 2009:

  • our holiday party (who won the jellybeans and what happened to them after?)
  • the difference a year makes -- what's it like to come back after a year away?
  • artwork from one of our Co-op Members
  • a recipe for Dutch Apple Pie
  • thoughts on the Heart Economy - what is it and why should you care?


January 2013 - The Learning Network

  • the benefits of volunteering
  • the difference meditation and mindfulness can make
  • orignial artwork and photograghs from some Learning Network Members
  • an overview of the 100th Grey Cup
  • recipes for a festive holiday dinner
  • photos from our 2012 holiday party


April 2013 - The Learning Network

  • a Member's recommendations for improving the TTC service for people with challenges
  • original artwork by one of our Learning Network Members
  • using Learning Network Member's feedback 
  • pros and cons of a Casino in Toronto
  • a view on the impact of brain injury

November 2013 - The Learning Network

  • A tribute to Jacques Regimbal
  • a recipe for some Cream Puffs
  • Thank you's and Celebrations
  • Fall 2013 Fashion trends
  • Art Corner from several Learning Network Members
  • Holiday greetings from all of us to our readers.


April 2014 - The Learning Network

  •  tips on sleeping well at Night
  • Book review - "Merle's Door"
  • a recipe for Spaghetti sauce
  • an article about Hyperbaric Oxyen Therapy